Why Documentary

When we look back on life, how many of our dearest memories were we able to capture? And not just capture, but capture well.  Unfortunately for most, the answer is not many. That’s why I love offering my “Day in the Life” sessions. Because your memories are important. The days of young children filling your home with laughter and chaos will end all too quickly. And the things that you cherish today can often be forgotten tomorrow.

Nowadays with technology at the tips of our fingers, we often settle for a quick cell phone shot. While there is a place for those easy cell phone images, not many people print them or will fill albums with the shots from your iPhone. Through documentary photography, I’m able to offer my clients priceless memories captured. Your life’s most cherished moments turned into art. It’s something you will value for the rest of your life.

It’s recommended to have a documentary session done yearly. To watch your family grow and change. From sleepy baby snuggles and first smiles. To the days of dress up, pretend play and messy faces at dinner time. Remembering how your daughter would run to you when she got hurt, or the way your son crinkles his nose when he laughs. Then to watch them grow into “big kids” and young adults with developing personalities and interests. The day to day that adds up to years gone by, in printed keepsakes; capturing your life’s legacy and your children’s childhood.

It’s your story, it’s worth telling.